I’ve been working as a designer now for a fair few years now, particularly on commercial projects on ranging from print, digital and to web. I’ve helped clients either as a solo designer or in collaboration with other marketers, advertisers or designers.

On the side I’ve found solace in exploring non-commercial illustration art. Lately I’ve been attracted to drawing monster-esk characters, illustration typography and a hybrid of both. Some of my designer influences and heart throbs are artists such as Reg Mombasa, Jeremyville, Beastman and John Burgerman.

Say Hello: rebecca@elishee.com.au

Spotlight Moment

My work is the top left, published in the Art & Design Education Resource Guide 2010 magazine.

6 ‘Non-designery’ things about me


I’m from Austraya (That’s Australia for all you international folks)


I love a bit of PUNography


I spread my Vegemite on thick (that black stuff that tastes kinda like beef boullion)


I drink coffee every morning even though I’m lactose intolerant (shh… there are tablets for that)


I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic; I love to run, bike or swim almost every day


Ever since I was a little girl I have eaten a banana almost every day of my life to the point that I’ve now become obsessed with everything banana